2013 Inter-Branch Striking Competition Results

Extracts from Madeline Reeder's report for the Southern Branch and circulated to tower correspondents in all Branches.

The Association Inter-branch Striking Competition was held on, October 5th at Kidderminster. The judge was Mike Chester. His comments, as I jotted them down and the results were:

Six Bell

First - Southern Branch with 42 faults. 'This was a good piece of ringing with no full faults.'

Northern Branch failed to complete the test piece. 'This was fairly decent before it fired out, but they struggled for rhythm.'

Western Branch failed to complete the test piece. 'Again this was decent ringing before it fired out.'

Eight Bell

First - Northern Branch with 65 faults. 'This ringing got better as it went on. Around change 73 there was some trouble but they recovered quickly.' (Time 8:41)

Second - Western Branch with 77 faults. 'They rang a lot of rounds. The back stroke leads and dodges in 6/7 were the problem areas.' (Time 9:16)

Third - Southern Branch with 111 faults. 'This ringing was a bit tentative which caused some bumping into the back of the change. The ringing got better when it speeded up a bit.' (Time 9:49)

Ten Bell

First - Western Branch with 79 faults. 'This ringing improved as it went along. There were a number of half faults around change 54. They were able to recover quickly when they messed up.' (Time 8:44)

Second - Northern Branch with 86 faults. 'They seemed to sort out their problems in the beginning. They speeded up the middle section which was their best bit of ringing. They were able to quickly correct their trips.' (Time not noted - sorry)

Third - Southern Branch with 101 faults. 'Long rounds were rung. The ringing improved as it went on. The band seemed uncomfortable with the speed and the ringing tended to spread out.' (Time: 8:47)

The judge made a general comment regarding the ten bell teams that they rang like bands that were not used to ringing together. Bells that were working together did not seem to have a connection to the band as a whole.

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