Peal Fees

The Association's Rule, 19 iii (e), allows the Central Committee to set the peal fee for each participant. At the Central Committee meeting on 12th November 2013 the Peal Fee from the start of the new accounting period, 1st December 2013, will be set at zero pence.

Peal Fees
Reduced to Zero

Paul Smith our peal secretary made a proposition at the Central Committee meeting that the current peal fee was of very limited benefit to the Association as fewer peals are being rung. Once received the cheque has to be posted to the Treasurer, with the cost of the postage absorbing a significant part of the income. Instead of making a large increase to the peal fee, Paul proposed it be reduced to zero.

The committee unanimously agreed to the proposition. Committee members hoped that peal ringers may wish to donate a sum towards the Belfry Repair Fund. With the use of gift aid an extra twenty-five pounds for every hundred pounds donated can be recovered from the Government. The committee also discussed ways to boost the somewhat depleted funds in the B.R.F.

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