Inter Branch Striking Competition 2014

The Inter branch Striking Contest was held at Hallow this afternoon and I am very pleased to say that the Western Branch were the winners of the 8 bell contest.

There was a full complement of teams from all three Districts for both the 6 and 8 bell contests and the method was Grandsire.

The full results were:

6 Bell Contest
Winners - Southern branch
2nd Place - Northern branch
3rd Place - Western branch

8 Bell Contest
Winners - Western branch
2nd Place - Northern branch
3rd Place - Southern branch

Our thanks go to everyone who rang, with special thanks to Mark Pugh the Judge, (who had to contend with dealing with a large wasp in his car whilst keeping score) and to the ringers of Hallow for making us so welcome and for the delicious tea and cakes.

Cynthia Palmer

Document last modified 04-Oct-2014