Northern Branch Striking Competition Results

The Northern Branch Striking competition was held at St Thomas's Stourbridge on Saturday 14th March. The official competition, judged by Jan Herraty and John Turney from training belfry at Hopton Heath, was in two sections with the following results.

Called Changes

  1. Kidderminster 7 faults
  2. Elmley Lovett 10 faults
  3. Wordsley 11 faults


  1. Kinver 3 faults (Grandsire)
  2. Halesowen 5 faults (Grandsire)
  3. Joint: Stourbridge 12 faults (Plain Bob) / Bewdley 12 faults (Grandsire)

Unplaced - Rowley Regis Fired out (Stedman)

A third light-hearted competition was included after the main sections, consisting of scratch bands ringing a method of their choice on the 'Pretty Six' of the twelve bells at Stourbridge. This section was judged by a member from each of the bands and their scores simply amalgamated to give the result below. A different technique of calculating the resultant positions based on percentages would see the top two places reversed. The results from the day are:

Pretty Six

  1. Paul Marshall & Co
  2. Andy Gray & Co
  3. Di Awkati & Co
  4. Stourbridge
  5. David Struckett & Co


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