The Ringers Cage

After negotiating the tunnel, the open spiral staircase brings you up to cage level. The floor 72 feet below is visible though the slatted metal steps which may prove too much for anyone suffering with vertigo.

This is a view of ringing taking place at Pershore Abbey. The man on the left with the red, blue and white shirt (bleached by the flash) is ringing the treble bell. This is the lightest bell of the eight. The ringer with the red checked shirt is ringing the tenor bell which weighs in the region of 1250 Kg (25 cwt). To cater for the longer length of rope around the wheel the ringer of the tenor bell stands on a box 30 cm above the cage floor.

To avoid objects falling from the cage, the whole thing is surrounded by chain link like that used for garden fencing. The lady's head at the bottom right of the photo is one the many ringers siting down on low benches and waiting their turn to have a go.

End of Tour

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There are tours of a typical Parish Church or Worcester Cathedral Ringing Room and Bells

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