Route to the Ringing Cage

At Pershore Abbey a spiral staircase is contained within the South West corner. This is a photograph of ringers queuing to climb the staircase during an open day. You can see the tube containing the staircase.


At the top of the spiral staircase there is a walkway across the top of the vaulting. The walkway is suspended from the roof timbers. At the end of the suspended walkway there is a door leading into a narrow corridor.

In the narrow corridor photograph, the door opening from the walkway can be seen on the right of this photograph. The thick pipe at floor level is a heating radiator. The opening on the left hand side of the passage is a glass-less window into the central tower.

There is a good view of the ringer's cage from here as there is no glass the bars on the window prevent you falling through.

The people at the end of the passage are just about to climb a second short spiral stone staircase up to the next level. Then things get interesting. . . .


At the top of the second spiral staircase is the next obstacle. Here you have to squeeze through a narrow tunnel about 3 metres (12ft) long. It is low too, approximately 1.5 metres (4ft 6in) so you have to slide through with your head down. This lady is quite petite so you can imagine the problem for taller or plump people.

Once through the tunnel, comes the point where many turn back. We continue on the next page. . . .


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