Inspiration for Steeple Keepers - 5


The hastings stay is fitted with a metal peg which is free to move from side to side. It is known as a 'Dingler' in the trade but towers may have other names for it such as 'Toggle' or 'Clicker'. In the bell pit, a track with two endstops is bolted onto the bellframe. When the bell rises towards its up position a lip on the track guides the Dingler to one side or the other to engage with the appropriate stop. By having two stops, the bell is arrested once past the balance point at both hand and back strokes. This could not be achieved with a single stop.

When replacing a stay it is important it is the correct length, if too short the Dingler will not engage with the stop, if too long the Dingler's body will rub on the track. It is worth taking the time to measure and record for each bell the distance from the headstock to the centre of the bolt securing the Dingler mechanism.

From time to time check the stay hasn't warped. The Dingler should be sliding along the track and not rubbing on one side or the other. This is best done by inspecting the track for even markings while the bell is down. Otherwise the bell would have to be up to judge if the stay is correctly aligned. Slacken the bolts holding the stay into the headstock and tap the stay to one side or the other.

SFS - 4/2014


Document last modified 3-APR-2014